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Liliesleaf Farm, scene of the Rivonia Raid

Rob telling the story of the Rivonia Raid at Liliesleaf Farm
Rob telling the story of the Rivonia Raid at Liliesleaf Farm.
After a brief synopsis of political developments in the 40ís 50ís and early 60ís we visit Liliesleaf Farm in Rivonia. This is one of the most important historical sites in the history of the struggle in South Africa.

Liliesleaf was the secret hide-out of the ANC and the Communist party where the final raid led to the leaders of the movement being sentenced to life imprisonment and where the armed wing of the African National Congress was born. The Farm, currently being restored to itís former state and turned into a Museum, was chosen by the Communist Party and the ANC in 1961 as a suitable place to have their meetings to plan the overthrow of the apartheid government. Featured prominently in Nelson Mandelaís book "Long Walk to Freedom", the farm was the scene of the Rivonia Raid in 1963, and was Nelson Mandelís home when on the run from the authorities as the "Black Pimpernel".

The full story of the events leading up to the raid, Nelson Mandelaís life at the farm and the story of the raid are told in detail. We discuss the individuals who participated and the escape of two of the accused, Wolpe and Goldreich. The rooms used are pointed out and the coal bunker, shortwave radio mast, and safe shown. The actual trial and events during the trial are described in broad terms and the events leading up to the sentencing of the Rivonia Trialists detailed. The consequences of the Raid are explained and examined.