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Comments from Our Guests

  • Don and Elaine Mackay-Coghill, Australia.
    A very necessarry experience prior to a trip around South Africa. Anyone listening to Rob and visiting Alexandra could not help but be optimistic about the future of the country. Rob, you were an inspiration.

  • Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio 2, Great Britain.
    Thank you for all your insight and knowledge, which will really help with our documentary.

  • Mauricio de Maria y Campos, Mexican Ambassador to South Africa, Mexico.
    Knowledge of South African history plus enthusiasm for life plus histrionic skills plus love of this country plus social tolerance equals Rob Binckes.

  • Jorge Imana, Mexico.
    Thanks to you the memories we are taking back with us from SA are more complete, not only in the historical context but also the human one.

  • Alattia Abdulla (His Excellency Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah), 2nd Deputy Prime Minister, Qatar.
    Excellent tour. Thank you!

  • Hilton Walker, Wilderness Safaris, South Africa.
    Thank you for bringing our South African history closer to home and alive. This is a must for all South Africans - not only our international guests.

  • Dennis Beckett, TV journalist, writer & critic, South Africa.
    Eye-opening beyond expectation.

  • Jimmy Verner, history teacher, South Africa.
    Well designed tour, with a great guide. An interesting experience that covers a good range of our local history.

  • Colleen Wolff, history teacher and lover of SA culture, South Africa.
    You have the ability to tell the real story of our collective lives. Thank you for spreading this passion. The experience is life-altering.

  • Nkepile Mabuse, TV journalist, South Africa.
    You made me realize how little I know about my own country & people. I'll be sure to make it a point that everyone I know goes on this tour.

  • Carol Clark, South Africa.
    I have been on many guided tours of many cities both in South Africa and abroad, but this one was unique and fascinating. I am still dining out on a novel experience.

  • Bearnard O'Riain, South Africa.
    I have lived in South Africa for 33 years. In one day you showed me the story of this country.

  • Jean Urry, South Africa.
    Thank you for something wonderful and new. South Africa needs innovators like you.

  • Shira Bacher, South Africa.
    Thank you for the amazing tour of Alex - it was a day that will be imprinted in my memory. I really admire your enthusiasm and dedication to our wonderful country.

  • Sam Rogers, TV journalist, 2001 CNN Africa journalist of the year, South Africa.
    Chilled to the bone by Vlakplaas; Inspired by Alex; Educated at the monument. Proud, proud proud of being South African.

  • Simon Eilanger, Switzerland.
    That was the best tour I have ever been on - interesting and most amazing!

  • George Aelion, UN World Food Programme.
    A nice perspective on South Africa from the past to the present. This really helped to understand the different cultures that make up the new South Africa.

  • Beth Schmidt, Radio journalist, New York, USA.
    Thank you for such an educational day. You have given me a glimpse of past, present & future South africa. I feel very lucky to have crossed paths with you.

  • Mike Shakespeare, Freedom Park Consultant, USA.
    Living proof that the oral tradition crosses all cultures in SA. Incisive, thoughtful and personal. Thank you.

  • Jim Brown, Professor of History, Samford University, USA.
    Incredible day, Robin.The trouble with being a proffessional historian, is that every now and then, you come across "amateurs" who know a lot more!

  • Wendy Sherman and Bruce Stokes, Bethesda, USA.
    You are a National treasure! Not only are you a font of endless Historical knowledge about your country, but your sharing of your personal journey provides insight and power to the complex and profound country that is South Africa. We are deeply grateful that you led us on this journey.

  • Amy Farley, senior editor at Travel + Leisure magazine, USA.
    Travel + Leisure Website article about Rob as a tour guide.

  • Ellen Ferguson, Seattle, USA.
    What a gift to share this day with you! I can imagine NO better Guide to Jo’burg and the Apartheid story- one we all followed closely for so long. What a joy too , to share your passion for the wonderful people of Alexandra…. What a privilege to share it with you. Many thanks for the wonderful work you do and for offering us a glimpse of a hopeful future!

  • Arnie and Judy Brier, North Oaks, USA.
    When we were told that you had only two days available we arranged our trip around you- and it was worth it! These two days have been moving, informative and an outstanding introduction to the History of South Africa. Your honesty about your own transformation, your wealth of detail, your kindness and charm, your generosity and your superb story telling made this an unforgettable experience.

  • Dr Daniel Feinberg, New York, USA.
    Today has been the Mecedez-Benz of tours! Thanks from the bottom of my heart for enabling us to get so many photos of a truly beautiful people- and for enriching us with your encyclopedic historical knowledge.

  • Richard and Anna Gordin, Washington DC., USA.
    You were the best! I will always remember this day as the culmination of our African experience. We experienced this tour with all of our senses. A moving and fascinating experience. One of the best “tours” I have ever had-anywhere at any time!

  • Kumbarai Chiwadwe, Zimbabwe.
    Wonderful story teller with an incredible knowledge of South African history- a most informative day.