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Sharpeville and Apartheid


After a talk on the politics of the country at the time as well as a background to the history, we drive to Sharpville and visit the memorial in the township to the 63 people who died on 21st March 1960, when the Police opened fire on a peaceful crowd protesting against the pass laws. The protest was initiated by the Pan African congress and the shooting had major ramifications in the country, contributing to the decision taken by the African National Congress to take up the road of the armed struggle.

The Apartheid Museum

During this tour Robin Binckes outlines his own background, having grown up in the Apartheid era. The full tour of the Museum is conducted by Robin with explanations of the exhibits, the thinking of the people at the time as well as some of the history behind Apartheid.

Visitors share in some of the fears and concerns which contributed to the growth and entrenchment of apartheid, through the eyes and experience of someone who benefited from the apartheid era. Robin, who was in the Navy at the time of Sharpville and who became a Peace Monitor in the townships in the 90s in the build up to the elections recounts his own experiences and subsequent transformation.

The miracle of April 27th, 1994 is explained in detail and the role of people like Nelson Mandela, F.W de Klerk, Bishop Tutu is discussed. The Truth and Reconciliation Hearings and process are also discussed.