Outreach programmes

Spear of the Nation and Rob Binckes are involved in the following outreach programmes

Friends of Alexandra

After five years of working in Alexandra township with HIV/AIDS orphans and other organisations, and after taking into Alexandra more than 1000 visitors, it became clear that there were many people who wished to assist Alexandra residents to improve their quality of life. Frequently the question was asked "How can I help?" In addition, many visitors to Alexandra offered assistance in the form of donations or material goods.

As I, through my role of Tour Guide, was in the position of identifying people and organisations with needy causes to possible donors and aid givers, to formalise and provide proper corporate governance, and to harness the willingness of people offering their help, it was decided to form an NPO/NGO "Friends of Alexandra."

The first steps were taken in May of 2006. Friends of Alexandra was registered as a section 21 company not for gain. Our registration number is 2006/031250/08.
Our focus is on children of Alexandra.
Membership is free and members are people who wish to make a difference in Alexandra.

At present we have about 60 members in Johannesburg and a list of approximately 200 families from the U.K, Europe and the USA who have asked to be kept informed of our activities. Our belief is that by enlarging our sphere of influence that we are able to receive corporate or individual assistance from overseas sources. In addition by bringing groups of corporate visitors into Alexandra we are creating awareness and a desire to assist, which is frequently expressed by visitors.
General meetings are held three times a year and the Board of Directors meets once every two months.
Members are any individuals or companies who are able to make a contribution, either financially, or through offering skills or specialist advice.
Connection with Alexandra is the criteria.
Contributions need not be financial, but could be specialist skills which could be of value to the people of Alexandra.
As there are a number of worthy causes directed at impacting upon the lives of the children of Alexandra, we identify the causes we wish to assist, and then evolve a plan to raise the necessary resources whether it be financial, social, skills transference, educational, material or psychological aid.