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It’s Our Land You Want is the comprehensive sequel to the best seller Great Trek Uncut. This well researched, hard hitting and detailed account of our history covers the period of 1852 through to 1918 and highlights milestone events which affected all the different people of this country from the time of the four independent states through Union and beyond. Wonderful stories illustrate some of the complexities of our society and show how difficult it was, and is, to mould a homogenous society out of our diverse cultures and people.

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Tours conducted by Robin Binckes. Historian, story teller and passionate South African.
Winner of Gauteng Tour Guide of the Year.
Experience the history brought alive!

  • Morry & Inna Traid
    “We were warned that a visit to Johannesburg would not be enjoyable! But we found it to be an absolute highlight of our trip to Africa. We owe that to your incredible insights into the history of South Africa and your fantastic story telling skills!”
    Morry & Inna Traid
    Victoria. Australia
  • Cliff & Mathilda Broder
    “You are a very special man with a great love for your country. Because of this, along with your knowledge and connection to the people of Johannesburg you have made this a day we will never forget.”
    Cliff & Mathilda Broder
    New York. USA
  • Stan Enden
    ”We loved every minute. You are the best.”
    Stan Enden
    New York. USA
  • &Beyond Team
    “If someone said you cannot relive history... that is a lie because you excelled in taking us back in time!”
    &Beyond Team
    Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Penny, Jeff, Stacey, Aidan, Nick & Eliza Low
    “You are spectacular and we feel so lucky to have shared a day with you. You have a true gift to bring history and complex issues to life, with honesty, thoughtfulness and great wisdom. All three generations say thank you!”
    Penny, Jeff, Stacey, Aidan, Nick & Eliza Low
  • Delavel Family
    “The best guided tour of my life! We were moved to tears listening to such interesting stories.”
    Delavel Family
  • Ryan McLutcheon
    “So impressed with our tour and in particular the rich storytelling throughout. Most guides can give you the facts…Robin can transport you to the moment in time!”
    Ryan McLutcheon
    Vancouver. Canada
  • Pannier Family
    "Bravo! Thank you! Our guide was fabulous. Incredibly comprehensive; delightful historian- a storyteller extraordinaire engaging all age levels beautifully. We LOVED visiting Soweto and the apartheid Museum.”
    Pannier Family
    Newport Beach. USA
  • First Family
    “Thank you for the incredible tour you gave our family. Story tellers help carry knowledge from generations and we are grateful for your knowledge & brilliant storytelling. Thank you for everything.”
    First Family
    San Diego. USA
  • Anja. Wilderness Safaris
    “As always you have a magical way to bring our history alive.”
    Anja. Wilderness Safaris
    Johannesburg. South Africa
  • Deshni. Wilderness Safaris
    “Thank you for the most inspirational day I will never forget it or you.”
    Deshni. Wilderness Safaris
    Johannesburg. South Africa
  • Jim Callahan
    “Most informative tour guide I have ever had Thank you for a most memorable experience.”
    Jim Callahan
    Phoenix. USA
  • Mariah Gillespie
    “One of the best guided tours I’ve been on in my life.”
    Mariah Gillespie
    Coronado. USA
  • Don & Nancy Ackerman-Cole
    “As advertised! You were worth the wait! This was as special a day as we have spent in many a trip. Your knowledge (and your ability to transfer it) made SA’s history come alive for us”.
    Don & Nancy Ackerman-Cole
    Ashville. USA
  • Sue Mackenzie
    “It is hard to sum up all the terrific parts of our tour today- so many highlights!! Thank you for sharing your personal insights and helping us see with great balance the evolution of this beautiful country to see how history has brought to its promise for the future. You made all the difference to us.”
    Sue Mackenzie
    Calgary. Canada
  • Marti & Barry Fisher
    “One of the great experiences of our lives! History, storytelling and culture. Wonderful! The perfect confluence of the South African experience. We wish we had another day. We didn’t think it was possible to fully explain South Africas politics, culture and economics in one day. But Robin you can do this and more- explain the past, show us the present and leave us with the potential South Africa can be. We look forward to returning. Learning and falling more in love with South Africa.”
    Marti & Barry Fisher
    New York. USA
  • Susan Galland & Donald Bellick
    “Spending the day with Robin and having him present the history of this nation, showing us the sights and the local culture was a life changing experience. Extraordinary day!”
    Susan Galland & Donald Bellick
    Boca Raton. USA
  • Randy & Fred Silber
    “This was a most interesting and enlightening day…our first day in South Africa. We have a new appreciation for its history and for the beauty of Johannesburg…on so many levels. As illustrated today We are fascinated by his incredible depth of knowledge of history and his wonderful storytelling.”
    Randy & Fred Silber
    New Jersey. USA
  • Brooke Berlin
    “The most amazing day! Jozi came to life in a totally different way- your storytelling brought tears to my eyes. Your spirit is a blessing!”
    Brooke Berlin
    Boulder. USA
  • Richard, Susan, Rachel Core
    “Your tour was amazing! Your personal experiences with the apartheid era added so much. Your reciting of Nelson Mandela’s speech brought tears to my eyes. I will always remember this experience.”
    Richard, Susan, Rachel Core
    Los Angeles. Calif. USA

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